#52 Image 9

IN this weeks image, we chose to paint a watercolour depiction from a photo supplied by a photographer to the Facebook group Free Reference Photo’s for Artists. My photo of the finished artwork is actually a little desaturated compared to the original, but for this blog entry it will suffice.

As artists we need to ensure that any reference we use we have permission to use. The only exception might be if you are painting something just for your own eyes. Copyright protection laws apply not just to music and video, but to visual images as well. The Facebook group is therefore an excellent resource for artists as this allows us to put our creations on display. The photo to the right was kindly added to the group by Lisa Lombardi.

Looking at the two images side by side I am shocked by how upright I have created my rendition. The boat should have a much more pronounced lean to the left. If I had made more of an effort to measure things I am sure we would have a tighter and more accurate painting, but we’re aiming to capture the essence of the wrecked boat and not undertake a photographic analysis of it. Equally I have missed out content in the foreground and far distant trees and coastline. As artists we are in control and should seek to include or exclude items that we feel will add or otherwise to our creations. I’ve also added in a smudge to the left to hint at grey clouds or impending rain. I just felt the composition needed a little something extra. The paper used here is just a thick cartridge and thus has buckled as the paper expanded. I could of course used a purpose made watercolour paper, but I have had this paper for 10 years and neve done anything with it so this seemed like a good use for it.