#52_art Image 3

This one follows much the same style as image 1 and 2 (I guess I need to get this out of my system). In this image, I was actually aimed to take the mickey out of British motorcycles that always seem to leave a small puddle of oil wherever they are parked. If you don’t believe me, take a look round a motorcycle show (when they are allowed) and look how many have tea trays underneath them. Not a fault of the machine, they were pretty much all like this and it was just accepted. The tub of oil and funnel are therefore just exaggerations. However the cha with his thumbs up lends himself nicely to holding a flag.. and what better flag than the Union Jack. After this the Brexit and back in business title came very easily. It also brings forward the traditional British management style, but may that is a concept for another image.

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Digital and pen blend image
Brexit Britain back in business