#52_art Image 7

In this image (again with acrylic) I decided to have a spot of fun and create a slightly off the wall image depicting a fishing boat returning to Looe harbour in Cornwall. A process similar to Image 6 was used to create the sky, but the sea was painting using a mix of Ultramarine, Pthalo Blue and Titanium white in one go. The overall image incorporate distortions to the harbour buildings, boat and general scene. Orange seems to be a common colour for fishing boats and thus the main character for the scene was orange. The boat in the harbour we change to red which is also a popular boat colour. Trees were loosely painted with no great attempt at detail. The additional the fisherman on both boat and wall adding a touch of human elements. The addition of stylised gulls dates back a few years and these just a little more off the wall style to the scene.

Cornish Fishing boat