#52_art Image 8

Artwork for Motorhome mug set

The above is the final result of my endeavours to produce a mug design for use by my sister in her motorhome. I think it also qualifies itself as image number 8 on my 52 challenge. Hard to believe that we are nearing double figures and that time is flying past so quickly. In my earlier posting I referenced the sketching phase of this project, so won’t repeat the process here. The image above is however designed to be custom in that various parts can be removed such as dog, sister and brother in law so technically the graphical image could be used again (or parts of it).

The design was then printed out and applied to 4 x 11oz mugs to be supplied to my system. The results were I feel pretty darn good… almost professional someone once said to me about a previous project. At this time that comment was made, I did wonder if the surgeon who said it would appreciate me calling him almost a professional surgeon! Perhaps not, but that was then and this is now.

Finished mug ready for delivery