#52_art Image 6

Onto image 6 and for this we chose to create am image using acrylic paint onto canvass depicting a scene from a holiday trip on the river Fowey. To be fair, my abilities with the brush and paint leave a lot to be desired. I can paint simply things, so in this case I decided to stick with a smaller canvass in the hope things might be bother quicker and easier. I started with a quick pencil rough of a scene looking down the river Fowey towards Boddinick.

Using an hb pencil we put down some light marks (bear in mind that the paint will pull off anything heavy which can have less than pleasing results on light blue sky scenes. Using ultramarine blue, pthalo blue I put down a very light wash of colour. Allowing this to dry before working over with a thicker mix in three shade including a touch of titanium white . Using a 1 inch brush we could blend the shades into both the sky and river. It was then a case of adding in details to trees, buildings, ripples in the water and then details into the sailing boat.

I found taking the time with the details and being prepared to work layer over layer was the best method. The good think with acrylics is the drying time. The bit thing that I found to my detriment is that cheap acrylic paint is mostly fluid. the pigment isn’t there and this means going over previously painted areas to try and build up the colour. I had four better quality artists colour paint and these gave a much better result. Motto of the story here is that buy better quality paint. You’ll get a better result first time which will allow you to spend more time on enjoying the painting process.

River Fowey Acrylic painting