Not an image but!

One thing that seems to get little discussion is the process that an artist has to go through before they start a finished artwork. In the same way that a computer programmer needs to scope what is required before typing anything into a computer, an artist goes through a similar journey in their minds as to what will or will not work on paper. Even after all this brain stage, they can still end up rubbing something out that at first seemed a great idea. With this in mind I have posted a photo below of some of my scribbles..

The image process

In the above image, you will note several attempts at visualising what will work as an image. In this instance, I was looking at a pen/computer image that I can print onto a coffee mug for my sister and brother in law. Clearly it could have just been a photo that I printed, but an artwork I feel offers the chance to create a more personalised image. You will note the rough scribbling, none of this will ever make it to the final stage so it’s more about getting ideas onto paper.. Finesse can come later. First thoughts were man holding glass of beer, but this may change to holding the handlebars of a bicycle (the brother in law is a keen cyclist). Sis has a choccy Labrador so some kind of doggy with perhaps a vacant stare would be good. Sis mostly walks the dogs as does her own artwork/reading so maybe something will reference this. The Motorhome ideally will be on a camp site (this means I can pull out the awning and connect in an electric point.. Some semblance of trees in the background and just a hint of the big city to the far left to indicate escaping from suburbia. The end result will need a lot more effort, but will be printed onto a couple of china mugs similar to the one we created below.